Bottlenotes and Cheeky Chicago are teaming up to challenge our midwestern palates to taste at least six different wines from the sponsoring wineries at a few participating Chicago restaurants between now and the end of the month.

80 sips bottlenotes challenge chicagoIf your liver emerges from January victorious, you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate toward the 80 Sips Around the World tasting (making it $50 if you purchase in advance) held in May at the Museum of contemporary Art, and also be entered to win $100 gift certificates to each of the participating restaurants.

The restaurants you’ll be visiting are an interesting smorgasbord of styles from the Michelin adorned Naha, to the eclectically modern Hub 51, to the trendy Gilt Bar and it its brand new sister, Maude’s Liquor Bar. Thank god the Cheesecake Factory didn’t sneak its way in.

Head over to Bottlenotes to sign up, and after (!) tasting your sexy six, inscribe your tasting notes upon thars. There is an app for you i*hone users, and unfortunately no love for those of us with a bitchin’ Android phone. Doesn’t matter.

Anyone planning on making a go at it?