About BrokeWino.com

Brokewino.com is about finding an obscene, NSFW, vinous passion and going for broke. And I quote:

For all the volumes of books, blogs, seminars, and experts that exist simply to bombard your mind with esoteric facts and opinions about about wine, you can’t get past the prima facie evidence: wine is meant to get you drunk (in varying levels of discretion.) – The Brokewino.com Creed

Wine is utter humanity: crushed, fermented, racked, and bottled. Okay, so that’s short-sighted hyperbole. But, fact is that wine is the shit, and that’s what this blog is all about.

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About Sam

I have crazy hair. I dress like euro-trash. I drink a lot of wine. I have an obsession with notebooks. If you’d like to talk directly at me about anything, email: sam (at) brokewino (dot) com.